Plus Size Activewear

Find the perfect activewear and workout clothes for your body shape.

Browse our range of plus size activewear and find the perfect plus size workout clothes that flatter your figure and make you feel confident. We've put together the ultimate collection of plus size athleisure and plus size sportswear to suit your every mood, specifically chosen for the fashion addict who never has enough to wear, even to the gym!


If you're heading to the gym or to a yoga class, make sure you check out our range of cropped and full-length plus size workout leggings and sports bottoms made from lightweight material, so you can move with ease. Try a short-sleeved sports top or strappy tank top that give you full movement when exercising and to keep you cool.


If you enjoy running, make sure you find the best-fitting plus size sports bra possible to ensure you're comfortable on your run and everything is held in with maximum coverage and firm control. Find a versatile sports hoodie or jacket to make sure you're warm heading to and from your workouts or protected from the rain when you're wanting to take a stroll or a hike.


Not into working out? Try our range of plus size athleisure outfits to make the most of your activewear. Gone are the days of wearing workout gear to the gym, now you can style it up with a graphic tee or casual trainers for a laid-back day-to-day look. We also have a range of super comfortable sports bottoms and plus size sports joggers if you’d prefer to relax at home or head to a lower intensity gym class.

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