12 plus size bloggers
to watch out for.

Here at Simply Be HQ we’re proud to have talent spotted some of the brightest luminaries in the plus sized blogging world.

As fashion blogging continues to grow in popularity we thought it was high time to answer the most important questions:

  • Who will be the most influential bloggers over the next year?
  • A which bloggers do you need in your life for style advice right now?
  • Who out there is ahead of the trend?

We took a look at the top plus size bloggers who are passionate about body positivity, fashion and lifestyle. If you want to find out how to own your style, love life and be proud of your individuality, take advice from some of our favourite bloggers.

Proud to be body positive

Fluffy Girl Tribe

A collective of Atlanta based women, the Fluffy Girl Tribe are dedicated to creating opportunities to help other and believe that body positivity is the way forward.

“The Fluffy Girl Tribe is a collective of 3 Atlanta bloggers who encourage entrepreneurship and women supporting women while being comfortable in their skin and fabulous in their fashion!”


Nataliem Johnson

Nataliem Johnson, a twenty-four year old from Sacramento, is the face of the lifestyle blog, Shameless Creature. Natalie believes in spreading body positivity and beautiful vibes to the plus size community.

“Shameless Creature is about expressing individuality and beauty shamelessly. Creating looks that show bold, fearlessness, and creativity without holding back. Shameless Create was made to show women that they should be themselves without any fear! Stay shameless.”


Alysse Dalessandro

We love sharing positive vibes and Alysse Dalessandro, who founded Ready to Stare in 2012, does just that. She has a passion for spreading body positivity within the plus size community. Alysse says:

“Ready to Stare features fashion, lifestyle and travel content and is a haven for those whom fashion has otherwise ignored. It’s a space where individual style is celebrated and breaking the rules is encouraged.”


Kobi Jae

Kobi Jae is the face of the fashion blog, Horror Kitsch Bitch, and is all about body positivity, creativity and plus size fashion. Encouraging people to love their bodies and express themselves has become a passion for Kobi.

“Horror Kitsch Bitch is an unapologetic plus-size blog; inspiring radical self-love through creative personal expression. Kobi Jae is the founder of ‘What Fat Girls Actually Wear’ and believes that plus fashion is both political AND fun, and a valuable tool in the journey to self-acceptance and body positivity.”


Fashion forward and savvy shoppers

Crystal Daniels

Crystal Daniels, founder and Creative Director of Society of Harlow, offers a refreshing take fashion, style and fitness, inspiring others to love the way they look.

“Society of Harlow is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle blog and brand devoted to empowering women through fashion, fitness, beauty, entrepreneurship, and travel. My style is all about vibrant colours, bold prints, and classic silhouettes.”


Ramona O

Check out Ramona O, who is a female blogger standing 6'0 feet tall, who's dedicated to inspiring women who are above average height to embrace themselves. Ramona says:

“​We inspire the tall team through fashion, travel and self love/confidence. No matter what… we all are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and we want to believe that!”


Tiffany Diana

Tiffany Diana shares her love for personal style, beauty & travel as a curvy Latina living in New York. She uses her blog as an escape from her everyday routine and to help inspire others. Love, Grey Skies blogger Tiffany Diana Torres said:

“Love, Grey Skies is a curvy fashion & lifestyle blog used to inspire women while promoting body positivity.”



Take a leaf out of Tierra’s book. Tierra Dannielle of The Curvy Girl Chronicles lives life to the full, inspiring other women along the way to do the same. Tierra says:

“The Curvy Girl Chronicles is a blog for women that live their lives unapologetically no matter their weight. If a woman is not living unapologetically because of her weight, my hope is that my experiences and life lessons will encourage her to do so. My style is just an added bonus.”



Courtney Patterson, the blogger behind FashionShyChild is a kid at heart who believes in expressing your personality.

“FashionShyChild is a Plus Size Fashion blog with beauty and more. I share basically everything I enjoy in life with you! Therefore, you will find outfit posts, product reviews, tutorials and advice.”


Living life to the fullest


Ashley from FabEllis, is dedicated to making women see that they should embrace their beauty, and loves to show women how being fabulous can be affordable

“FabEllis is a lifestyle blog that focuses on affordable beauty, style, travel and more! The creator, Ashley, is passionate about encouraging women to look and feel fabulous through outfit ideas, daily inspiration and life stories.”


Gess Pugh

Take inspiration from Gess Pugh, a twenty-something year old from Atlanta, who loves all things beautiful. With a positive and fun-loving outlook on life, she uses her blog, GessFlyy, to empower others.

“GessFlyy is a fashion and lifestyle blog that empowers women to love themselves at every stage of life… dedicated to showing the world that good style knows no size and being plus-size is not a limitation on living a wholehearted life.”



We love The Curvy Chapter, a fashion and lifestyle blog that bridges the gap between gay and straight and plus sizes, showing fresh styles that are suitable for all women. Mother of two, Saskia, says:

“As a 44-year-old single mother working as a flight attendant, I share everything from trends, style tips, hot spots and feel good moments from all over the world. I believe that every woman is her own kind of beautiful and that we should not waste time to love the skin that we are in. It is your body and that means your rules.”


Whether you’re looking for style ideas, tips or plus size dresses we hope that our upcoming bloggers will give you the inspiration you need to be bold and express the inner you.

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