Bra Size Guide

It's important to ensure that your bra fits properly so you can be comfortable and fully supported all day. You've come to the right place for a plus size bra, we are experts in size and fit. Available in 100 different sizes, up to a Q cup and up to a 50-inch back band, we have the bra sizes you need in the styles that flatter and support your shape.

Keep scrolling for information on how to measure yourself to find your true bra size and how to fit your bra once you have found the right size.

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How to measure your bra size

Follow our easy bra measuring steps so you can find your perfect fit. It's important to make sure your bras fit you properly so you can get the most out of them and benefit from their support, especially if you have a bigger bust.

Measuring your bra size is super easy, doesn't take long at all and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. All you need to get started is a tape measure and a mirror to stand in front of so you can see the areas you are measuring properly.

1. How to measure your bust size

Start by putting on your best fitting bra or use a mirror as guidance if you measure without a bra on. Measure the fullest and highest part of your bust. Make sure the measuring tape sits straight and that you are measuring in inches.

2. How to measure your back-band size

Continue with the bra you’re wearing or without. Measure your back size by putting the measuring tape around your under bust where a bra wire would typically fall or around the back band of the bra you’re wearing. Make sure you are measuring in inches.

If you have a measurement that’s an odd number round it up to the nearest even number. For example, if you measure at 41 inches, round it up to 42 inches.

How to calculate your cup size

The difference in inches between your back size and bust size gives you a number that is your cup size.

Difference Cup Size Difference Cup Size
1" A cup 7" F cup
2" B cup 8" G cup
3" C cup 9" H cup
4" D cup 10" I cup
5" DD cup 11" J cup
6" DDD cup 12" K cup
Bra Size Guide

How to fit your bra

Are you wearing the right sized bra? Try our 7-Step Checks. Try on your best fitting bra and take a look in the mirror.

  1. The wires at the front, in the middle of your chest (called the "center-front") should sit flat against your body.
  2. The wires should sit flat against your rib cage in the crease of your bust with absolutely no lifting away.
  3. Breast tissue should be encased completely by the wire. The wire should sit behind the breast tissue, under your arms.
  4. Cups should fit with no bulging over or gaping at the top.
  5. The back-band should sit horizontally across your body, in line with the wires at the front of the bra.
  6. Your back-band should be nice and snug. You should not be able to pull it more than 2 inches from your back.
  7. Your straps should be adjusted in length to give support to the cup but should also be comfortable.
Bra Size Guide
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