Wide Width Boots

Shop our exclusive boots sizes. Available in Extra Wide Fit.

Worry no more about finding a pair of boots that fit perfectly, our wide fit boot options are here to help you find your fit. Available in 4 different foot width fittings from Standard D fit boots to Extra Wide boots, including Ultra-Wide fit, you're on track for finding the right size. Made with comfort in mind, our wide width boots are designed especially for you.


Explore the range of wide fit ankle boots, extra wide fit over the knee and knee-high boots and heeled boots available in ultra-wide fit, so you can head out no matter what your size. We know that finding your fit is so important, that's why we include special design features to make this easier.


If you need more advice on how to measure the width of your feet to find your ideal width fitting, check out our Footwear Fit Guide.

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